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About Us

Who we are & why we started Locals Insight.

When we lived abroad, it took 10 personal blogs, 3 different apps, and a tinder date to find unique & secret experiences while traveling. So, we came up with Locals Insight! 


Malika hated how much she had to search just to feel connected to the culture of the place & make lifelong memories she was traveling. While studying in London, she came up with the idea for an app filled with recommendations submitted by Locals to combat the touristy experience, support small businesses, and allow visitors to get an insider peek into wherever they are.


Malika approached Chantel in January 2021 and explained the idea. Chantel loved it, and said, “You have to do it.” Malika replied, “You have to do it with me!” And there the journey began.

Check out our product page to learn more about our app, Locals Insight.

Founders Story

Malika Singh

Co-Founder, CEO

Malika was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is an avid fan of late-night boba runs, reading in the sun, and trying new foods/places/adventures! She feels most alive when she gets recommendations from her friends and family and gets to experience them for herself. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, she loves the idea of bringing something to life and is excited to have one of her own! 

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Chantel Allegakoen

Co-Founder, COO

Chantel was born in Singapore and raised in the Bay Area. She loves spontaneous outings to new areas that revolve around food, a view, and some activity. It’s the simple things in life like avocado toast with chilli flakes or a beautiful sunset that keep her content. She loves to try new foods and activities as a way of keeping life exciting. You can always find a camera in her hand taking a photo or video to capture her favorite memories.

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