Our Mission


To provide a local experience by supporting locals


See what goes on behind the scenes of any place by understanding the area. By seeing what people eat, see, do, and experience in their own town, our platform can offer a way to authentically get to know any place.


Support for Humble Beginnings

Our main goal is to support those who are building themselves from the ground up. It has been harder than ever to compete against big brands like Amazon and restaurant chains. By marketing them on our platform, we can help give them a voice and bring them business from their neighbors as well as from those around the world!


A question we often get is, "aren't you just a new Yelp?". Though we incorporate recommendations that are like reviews, we offer the ability to satisfy the curious minds of our users. They can come to discover rather than to search, to find things they were never expecting.



Our platform will be a great place to satisfy boredom. If free time arises, there's no better way than to head out and get to know the neighborhood better!


What better way to have an adventure than to follow what locals tell you what to do? Through our platform, there is a way to find the hidden spots that make the area come to life.


Respect for Culture

Often when people travel, they have a 'tourist' checklist. Eiffel Tower? Check. Arc de Triomphe? Check. Notre Dame? Check. Chat with a local? Nope.​


We offer a way for people to talk to locals, to see where they eat, spend their time, and hang out in their area. Our platform will give an insider perspective into any area, helping visitors understand what is at the heart of any place.​

Coffee shop and met someone who lives down the street from the Eiffel? Check!