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Why should I download Locals?


Do you have an app that offers unique local recommendations, supports small business, inspires a new community of locals and more? If the answer is no, you need to download Locals Insight right now!

Locals Insight serves as THE place for recommendations of things to do, see, eat, drink, and experience. They are experiences unheard of from the only people who would know about them – the locals. We have NO ADS on our platform, meaning we only have truly authentic places.


Instead of rummaging through Instagram posts, Google searches and personal blogs, you can easily scroll through Locals Insight’s explore page to get inspired for things to do, see, eat, explore and 21+! Our users are encouraged to share their favorite hidden spots, mom and pop shops and any small businesses that make up their local experience. It’s way too difficult nowadays to find these local shops since the “bigger” named businesses take up most of the attention on popular apps such as Yelp. 

Plus, Locals Insight is not just an app. It’s a community dedicated to sharing the local culture and experiences with people who are willing to embrace it. We encourage you to join us by downloading “Locals Insight” on the Apple App store and following our social media accounts to stay updated and inspired!


When is Locals launching?

We have launched! After a year of development with our team in India, we have finally launched the first version of our app in March 2022. With this step, we hope to share local recommendations across the United States and gain the traction we need to continue developing our precious product to someday span the world!


How did Locals start?

When we studied abroad in college, we got the opportunity to travel over the weekends. Yet, it was so hard to find things to do, see, eat, and experience! Whenever we looked things up, we would get generic recommendations like McDonald’s or the overcrowded places with the most reviews. It was so difficult to get to know the area we were visiting – that is unless we knew a local there who could show us around or we looked at 20 different local blogs. We asked, why isn’t there one place we can find the information this local/blogs are giving us? And thus, Locals was born; a one-stop-shop to provide a local & unique experience. 


How is Locals different from Yelp?

We often found it difficult to find a vast variety of recommendations on Yelp, unless you knew specifically what you were looking for. When we look up the words" San Francisco" on Yelp, only 3 recommendations come up for the general search! To find more, you have to search for a specific activity or food. 


Locals was created to help solve this problem; it provides a full feed of searchable places that allow for greater exploration and discovery. It's simple, for example, just click the filter "do" and put in the city San Francisco, and you will find so many local things to do in San Francisco! Locals caters to a different need by broadening perspectives and showing new experiences. With a simple search of a city name, you can see all the things to do, see, eat, experience, as well as drink & night activities!

Is Locals just an app?

No! We are a movement that provides a local experience by supporting locals. We have a robust social media presence, where we highlight various businesses and their specialties as well as locals themselves from all over.


Most importantly, we have a YouTube channel full of businesses we interview to share their story; it shows why people all around the Bay Area have started their businesses. These YouTube videos tell a story & motivate everyone to head into these businesses to support these people! You can also find them on Instagram & TikTok.


We have also interviewed a variety of locals from around the world, in which you can find those on our social media. Our website highlights these interviews as well as our online community that emphasizes bringing the world together to create a worldwide sense of community someday.

What is the future of Locals?

We are looking to change the way people travel by revealing the hidden secrets that locals hold while building local businesses around the world.


We hope to bridge the gap between different cultures, helping one another understand each other to ease foreign fears as well as provide the greatest experience while traveling. Someday, we will be the one app to use to find hidden local gems at home and when traveling, connect with locals when you travel, show you how to use the local transportation, sign up for a local to show you around in any city you are in, and so much more.

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