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How Our CDMX Local Tour Guide Transformed Our Travel Experience

Traveling to a new city can be exciting, but navigating unfamiliar streets and cultures can also be overwhelming. That's why many travelers turn to guided tours and travel guides to help them make the most of their trips. However, sometimes the most valuable insight comes from the locals themselves. This was the case for us when a group of my friends: Malika, Lisa, Trisha, Liz and me (Chantel) traveled to Mexico City, where we discovered that the local perspective is the key to having the most valuable trip.

After arriving in Mexico City, our group had a hectic day planned by starting off the morning at 4 a.m. where we went on hot air balloons overlooking the pyramids. We had the most magical time and would highly recommend this experience.

Despite this early morning start, our group decided to push ourselves to go on a free

walking tour of the historic center. The tour was led by a local guide named Daniel Narred, who impressed our group with his knowledge of the city's history and culture. As we walked through the city, Daniel shared insights and stories that we would never have learned from a guidebook or travel website.

After the tour ended, our group struck up a conversation with Daniel, and he quickly became our go-to person for insider tips and recommendations for our plans that night. He took us to a few of his favorite bars. We were introduced to his favorite type of music - house music. Most of us weren’t familiar with this genre and we ended up going to a house music night club which was quite a unique experience.

Needless to say, our trip was transformed from a typical tourist experience to a truly immersive and authentic adventure. Our group realized that the local perspective is the most valuable insight into having the most unique trip in a new place. We learned firsthand that locals have a deep knowledge and understanding of their cities, and that they are often the best guides to help visitors experience the true essence of a place. We also realized that making friends with locals can be one of the most rewarding aspects of travel, as it allows for a deeper connection to the people and culture of a place.

Once we returned home, we decided to make a series called the Local Rundown, where we interview locals from around the world to share their tips and experiences with visitors. We have interviewed locals from Singapore, New Delhi, and now Mexico City. Check out our interviews, blogs, and other content on our website.

If you want to gain an experience like ours in Mexico City, here is your new app, Locals Insight, where you can discover recommendations from locals around the world. It enables users to discover new unique experiences at home and abroad to make lifelong memories. Download it now! (Available on iOS).



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