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3 Things to Know Before Visiting the Bay Area [From a Local]

While the Bay Area is known for tech, entrepreneurship, and bustling business; there is so much more to explore! From local cuisines to amazing views, it is a treasure trove of culture once you know where to look.

Try as much food as possible — particularly Asian food!

As innovation in Silicon Valley boomed, so did the Asian population in the area. Nearly 38% of the Silicon Valley population were not born in the US! With the influx of people came their amazing cuisines. The Bay Area has some of the richest and most authentic Asian food outside of Asia itself. You can find a boba shop in every neighborhood, not to mention the amazing dumplings. You can’t miss out on such delicacies while you are here! Some great places to try are Italian Homemade, Dumpling Depot, Taiwanese Professional Tea, and Ti Piacera.

Rent a car during your visit.

While the Bay has both BART and CalTrain, you can’t get to the majority of the places without a car outside of the city. If you are staying in San Francisco, walking and BART should suffice, but be prepared to Uber if going from one end of the city to the other.

Pack a light jacket.

The weather here is sunny 259 days of the year. Needless to say, you won’t need an umbrella! However, the nights can get particularly chilly if you aren’t prepared. Expect the nights to drop to 58°F in the warm season and 46°F in the cold season on average. Avoid the cold with a jacket!


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