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Know the Name, Know the Story

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Small businesses… who needs them? Well, we all do!

Small businesses make up the heart of any town, allowing owners to showcase their interests to their own town. Even more vital, small businesses consist of 44% of the United States’ economic activity. However, Covid-19 derailed a significant portion of these businesses. Almost 68% are still negatively impacted by the pandemic, almost 1.5 years after its start.

Our co-founders, Malika & Chantel have always shopped small; however, never realized the true importance of it until the pandemic. They watched as some of their favorite businesses struggled to survive, many with the owners making personal sacrifices to keep it alive.

As a small business ourselves, we want to support others going through a tough time. The co-founders have set an important initiative for the company: share the stories of small business owners. With this movement of #shoppingsmall growing, they want to support as many people as they can as well to promote their favorite businesses. As such, they have been going around the Bay Area talking to business owners and creating recorded interviews to share their experiences. So far, we have one on our YouTube Channel:, and more will be posted in the upcoming weeks!

We ask for your help to share them to promote these small businesses, or become their patrons yourselves! If you are a small business yourself, or you know a small business owner that would like to be interviewed, please let us know at or DM us on Instagram @locals.insight! Check out our social media here: ​​ Our company would love to highlight them on our social media and in our future app to be released in December.

So remember… shop small and share the stories of the businesses around you!



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