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Meet Malika & Chantel, Founders of Locals Insight

In January 2021, Malika and Chantel started this business with the dream 💭 to change the way people travel… ✈️ They wanted to make it much more personable and easier to travel, so you actually feel like you know the place when you visit. With Locals, gone are the days where you ask, I wonder what people do around here, and where people eat!

Locals is the app that offers experiences unheard and unseen. The app is a platform that is a hybrid between Yelp and Instagram where users can upload their local hidden favorites to help grow their small-town businesses. As a community based application, users can upload their local hidden favorites to help grow their small town businesses.

In essence, it expands experiences beyond tourism into finding the heart of any destination, even if it’s their own town. It’s simple; Locals is a ‘social media’ for exploration, without the ‘influencer’ pressure. Users can discover secret spots and an insight into that place’s culture wherever they go! Locals’ goal is to inspire curiosity and authentic discovery for every community around the world.

✨ We hope that we can help provide a local experience by supporting locals, starting in the Bay Area and later around the world. 🌎 🗺




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