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Meet Salomon Arias, Owner of Akita Sushi Gourmet

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“When we started this business, we thought to do something for the future our kids; when they grow up, they will have something.

My name is Salomon Arias, and I am the owner of Akita Sushi Gourmet restaurant, and we also have three food trucks. When we started this business, it was very hard because we didn't have much money. We started with the one food truck. At that time, it was 2014, so it was very hard in the beginning. But after that, we did very well.

I was working in a sushi factory; I was making rolls, sashimi, and everything and I really enjoyed how to make everything. It inspired me to make something for myself and for my family, and that's why we started this restaurant.

We know everything about this; we started from the dishwasher to cook. The biggest challenge that we have is in the restaurant, because it's small and during the pandemic, not too many people walked by here. We only did to-go orders, DoorDash, and UberEats, and those companies take some money from our rolls and the customers, so it was hard.

When COVID came, all the events, catering, and everything was canceled. We had to close all the three food trucks for around four months, doing nothing and just waiting. After that, we tried to open try to open one food truck but it was very hard we only sold 10, maybe 15 tickets a day. In January, it started getting better. The food trucks are starting to move around again and more private events are picking up. In the future, we are thinking of opening another restaurant.

I am the person who cuts fish and prepares everything. I only work four-six hours; after that, I go to my house to spend time with my kids, my wife, and the church.

My best-selling product is called the Lion King roll. My favorite probably is a roll called The Roll and The Shrimp Lover.

If anybody wants to come to try our sushi, everybody is welcome!”



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