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Meet Serena, Owner of Dr. Ink!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“The best selling is definitely the black nougat latte. It's a really unique flavor that you can't really find in other places. The backstory of this particular drink is that when I was younger, there was a drink that we all always go get in China. I've been thinking about it ever since I came here because I couldn't find the same flavor. I was trying to figure out the ingredients, figure out the recipe and the taste, and then share it with people.

My name is Serena and the name of my business is Dr. Ink.

Ever since I was little my parents had their own restaurant. I was born into the restaurant business and because of their language barrier, I had to help them a lot in their life and business. That's what got me really interested in this shop. The inspiration of me starting this business is the love for tea and for coffee drinks and also the love of all aesthetic things.

This is actually my second business. The first one was a small restaurant and then after about two years or so, my husband and I decided to close that one down. Mainly because it was really hard to hire at the time, and also because we were young, so we still needed that freedom. After that, we just went to travel to a lot of places.

I'm really proud of the quality of ingredients that we use. We use organic milk, real fruit, cane sugar, no powder creamers, and all that stuff. I always think that before I sell a drink to a customer, I at least have to like to drink it, and confidently feel that it's healthy for me. I don't ever compromise on the quality or the ingredients.

Most importantly, my shop is not a place only for people to come grab a drink. They can sit here, take some good photos with friends, family, or even themselves, and post on Instagram”



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