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Welcome to... Locals Insight!

Hey Locals! We are thrilled to be launching our presence on our new Blog. For those who don’t know what Locals is, we will be a travel app in which users can find authentic experiences that go beyond the touristy recommendations an app such as Yelp would suggest. What makes Locals so special is that our suggestions are genuinely from locals, as our app will be a platform in which users can post their favorite experiences, from both travel and their homes, for others looking to learn about the heart of a place. Additionally, Locals aims to have personalized itineraries and following features that allows users to get in touch with locals in whichever place they may be! Locals will be a tight knit community that promotes supporting small businesses, cultural appreciation, and discovering experiences unheard and unknown.

Our app is in the process of being developed by professional developers, and we are confident that it will be launched by the end of this year. Until then, Locals is focused on growing their social media presence. We have been focused on posting Bay Area recommendations from our own team of interns. However, we are especially excited about some of the new initiatives we are taking to move our followers from social media to the app itself. Locals is looking to share experiences that fulfill a traveler’s desire to do, see, eat, experience and drink (if 21+). Thus, our content will always provide users with the opportunity to find new places to do so. We are aiming to display our mission of “discovering experiences unheard and unseen” through highlighting small businesses and recording their experiences to share with followers. What makes Locals different is that we, unlike our competitors, aren’t trying to be trendy or calculated. We promote authenticity through our goal that when a ‘Locals’ traveller explores a new area, they will experience the beauty behind the people and culture the community holds.

Locals is truly a passion, and we are blessed to have a team of 20+ interns that are just as passionate about promoting genuine travel habits as we are. As we grow, you can stay updated with professional updates such as app developments and intern opportunities here on our blog page, as well as our Facebook, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok accounts!

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