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Where to Eat in New Delhi [From a Local]

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Places that will show you the culinary side of Indian culture.

A huge part of Indian culture surrounds its food. Made from the heart, Indian food has some of the most unique and passionate flavors imaginable. As someone who grew up in New Delhi, it’s one of my favorite parts of home.

If you want to get the full and true Indian experience in New Delhi, there are a few types of food you MUST try.

Street Food

Now this one can be controversial, but in my personal opinion it’s worth the risk depending on where you go. (And that’s coming from someone who got typhoid.) It’s incredibly popular amongst the locals. We love to get delicious snacks from the street food stands such as Panupuri (Golgappa) and Aloo Tikkis. Panipuri are little fried hollow dough balls filled with a savory potato and veggie mix, topped with sweet and spicy chutney and a yogurt sauce. Aloo Tikkis are fried potato patties with spices. Both are some of my favorites to grab from the street stalls, and pivotal to what India is all about.

My absolute favorite street food dish is MOMOS. I could live, eat, breathe momos and I love the spicy sauce they give with it.

Dilli Haat has some good "street food" vendors. Food courts in malls (I know it's a mall, but it will definitely have a less chance of falling sick). I don't recommend finding a place literally on the "street," but more so higher quality places/restaurants, such as Bikanervala.

When trying the “street” food, always be wary of raw foods or water, as those are most likely to give you the famous “Delhi Belly”. If you’re sensitive to spicy food, get some yogurt to tame the spice. Go for the cooked and hot foods, and I say street food is a must-do on your list when you come and visit New Delhi.

Dhaba food

Dhaba literally means “hole in the wall”, or roadside restaurants. These are down to earth, mom and pop shops on the side of the road that sell authentic foods. Much like street food stalls, dhabas are also very popular amongst the locals. You’ll find food that goes back to India’s roots and warms the heart as much as the belly. One of my favorites is a dhaba that sells amazing butter chicken, and it’s literally named Dhaba. Moti Mahal is a great place for butter chicken as well. While these also pose a risk to give you Delhi Belly, it is again my personal opinion that everyone who comes to India should try it once. Tasting food from street food and dhabas are like getting a piece of the Indian heart at its core.

With locations all over Delhi, Khan Chacha is one of my favorite comfort foods from home. It’s a wrap place that serves rolls and kebabs. They have some of the best tikka options and tandoori chicken wraps imaginable! I love grabbing them to go and eating them at home.

Khan Chacha has been around for YEARS and has risen to become a reputable place for authentic, flavorful & finger-linking Mughulai food. My family & I have ordered food from there countless times and they always serve as great snacks for parties we host. Plus, it's always nice to support a business that has a lot of history & legacy tied to it. Also, because of its evolution to becoming a reputable name, there are locations all over delhi so it is very likely that there will be a Khan Chacha near you.

Want to Learn More?

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