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The nitty gritty of our app, Locals Insight.

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What We Are Now

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Explore Page

Feeling like spicy food? Type "Spicy" into the search to see what comes up! Feeling hungry or adventurous? Filter by things to do, see, eat, experience, and 21+ adventures!

Serving as the best cure for, “What do you want to do?”, the explore feature will give you endless options. It will help you discover local spots all around the Bay Area! (and someday, the world!)

Profile Page

Want to show your friend that picture of the divine pizza you had last week, but don't want to scroll through 100 photos to find it?

Instead, you have a personal travel journal on your phone that holds all of your recs from home and your travels. We made this a reality! You can easily share recs and follow people who like finding recs that you enjoy as well!

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Locals Club

Looking for big discounts and a way to explore small businesses?


Pay a small fee to get 3 rewards from small businesses, 1 itinerary, recommendations from the founders, behind the scenes clips of interviews with business owners, and so much more. It is the ultimate step toward discovery and supporting local businesses! 

People You Follow

Big foodie? You can follow other foodie fans for great restaurant recs! Love views? Follow adventurers.


Create a feed that is not only full of your friends, but also specific to your personal preferences! No need to reach out to strangers - follow them on Locals instead! Plus, keep up with friends on their vacations and trips to new places!