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No, we aren't Yelp.

Unlike Yelp, our platform is centered around discovery. Users go to Yelp to find something specific, whereas they will go to Locals without a set goal in mind to explore what is around them. It will show them a new perspective, where Yelp will only give them one simple answer. 

Personal Travel Journal

Look back at all of your favorite travel memories and all of the places you visited. It will be your own personal travel journal!


Our users will have the opportunity to form a community with like-minded individuals who are passionate about discovering new places and cultural appreciation. People will be able to directly talk to each other about their recommendations.

Avoid Tourist Experience

Find the hidden gems of any town or city you visit, recommended directly from people who live there/have been there before! 


Locals will serve as a ‘social media’ for exploration, without the ‘influencer’ pressure. Its goal is to inspire curiosity and authentic discovery for every community around the world through eye-catching photos and videos.

Small Business Featured

Our platform will directly market small businesses to help build any community through the support of locals and tourists alike. We want tourists to give their business to the underdogs, rather than the big players.


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Launching Fall 2021 for the California Bay Area.


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