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Discover a Local Perspective Before Visiting New Delhi!

In today’s episode of The Local Rundown, co-founder Chantel sat down with Trisha, a New Delhi local, to tap into the depth of New Delhi’s culture and local insights. Trisha was born and brought up in New Delhi before moving to California to pursue her undergrad. India is a beautiful country filled with color, religion, languages, fashion and much more!

Stay tuned for more insights on what you need to know before traveling to New Delhi in our next videos! From misconceptions about India, to knowing how to call over a tuk tuk, and much more!

What is Locals Insight?

Locals Insight enables users to discover unique experiences to make lifelong memories. Users discover secret spots and insights into that place’s culture by finding recommendations directly from locals. It offers a way for users to either find specific things by searching or organically unearth hidden gems through the feed. By creating a profile, they create a personal travel bank to document places to return to and share easily with others. Users get an all-in-one solution to having unparalleled adventures at home or abroad. The app inspires curiosity and authentic discovery for every community around the world.

How can I find out more?

We have a full set of resources at It's grouped by city or you can search for whatever you'd like in the list of all content from blogs, to videos, to podcast episodes and more!



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