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How to Get Around New Delhi [From a Local]

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Transportation in the Capital of the Country.

In this city full of chaos, you can’t go anywhere without hearing a car horn. As someone who grew up in New Delhi, I learned to honk if someone was getting in my way, to let them know I was there, or sometimes just because.

If you’re not used to it, New Delhi can get overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to get around. There are a few modes of transportation:

  1. Auto Rickshaws

  2. Taxis

  3. Drivers

  4. Public Transportation

Auto Rickshaws

Auto Rickshaws, also known as Tuk Tuks, are a must-do for any first-time visitors. It’s a crazy fun experience on your first ride, you’re weaving through traffic in the open air but still semi-covered. They’re brightly colored yellow and green, fitting of the fun nature of the surrounding chaos. To call one, you just need one simple hand gesture. Imagine you’re in New York City with the surrounding yellow taxis and you’re trying to call a cab – it’s the same way you would call a rickshaw! Typically you’d go within the city limits in these. Since they’re small they go from place to place but not very long distances.

Taxi Service

The second option is a taxi service. They’re relatively common and are like taxis you would see in other countries. Be warned: there’s a huge amount of traffic almost all of the time. When you’re sitting in traffic, it’s common to see people come knocking on your window to ask for money, sometimes using their kids to convince you to give it to them. Both locals and visitors alike see this, so don’t be alarmed, but more often than not people decide not to give it.


Another common way of getting from place to place are drivers. In Asian countries, having drivers and maids are very common, even for the average middle class household. They are there of their free will and get paid accordingly. For locals, this is the main mode of transportation. If you’re a visitor staying at a hotel, they often have drivers on staff if you need one.

Public Transportation

Finally, there is public transportation. There are buses and a metro, but this is more for locals than it is for tourists. The metro is separated into male and female compartments, and the buses go all around the city. Both are highly crowded and not as safe as the other options (particularly buses), especially later at night or if you are by yourself.

Want to Learn More?

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