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Meet Dale, Sergio, Louis and Johnny - Team of Park Station Hashery!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“You can be who you want to be here. You can be whoever you are. You can become who you are.

I’m Johnny, I'm one of the general managers. I'm Louis, I'm one of the owners. My name is Dale. I am also a general manager. I’m Sergio and I'm the chef here. We are Park Station Hashery and we're located on Park and Naglee avenue. We are just an everyday eatery for everyone. All walks of life.

The challenge is coming up with new ways to bring people in the door...coming up with events and stuff like that. That's one of the reasons why we do Two-Wheel Tuesdays to help drive well as many other reasons for that day. Two-Wheel Tuesday is where you ride on two wheels: a bicycle, even a motorcycle, even a scooter. (At Park Station Hashery), you get to buy one beer and you get the second one free. We have music (the dj). We have a great craft beer selection and then we have the community rolling in on their bikes. Sometimes you get 150 bikes running throughout the day and you're just like wow this is great. This is just to promote people to get on bicycles and for more people to not necessarily always bring their cars somewhere.

I love all the different walks of life to come into this establishment. The people you meet and the fact that we have an opportunity to make their day better. I'm even getting goosebumps just talking about it. I absolutely love that the people that come here are awesome. We're proud that we were able to keep the community happy during a period of time when things were really rough. We were able to give them a place to kind of unwind and just to get away because being in the house for a long period of time feels like nuts. I think that I'm really proud that we were able to do that. We're just one little business here in Silicon Valley but if you think about it, Silicon Valley is like a beacon for the whole world because we're the most diverse city on the planet. So you know the world is watching us.

90% of our menu is made from scratch. I wish we could say that we bake our own bread here, but you can’t do it all. We support local bakeries, breweries and businesses for that stuff. Our mayo, our sauces, our pickles are all made here. When people ask, “why is your burger so good?”. It's pretty much because you can make the burger that we serve here. If you don't have our mayo, then I mean that's pretty much what makes our burger different from everybody else's. Our ketchup, as well, is worth noting that we do make our own ketchup. It's not just Heinz ketchup out of the bottle. We actually mix it with secret ingredients.

I think I'm proud that when times get tough we always show up to help the community. When the fires were happening in the Santa Cruz Mountains, we we're bringing water, food and clothes and driving it up so that those folks could get something. We will reach out to the homeless and we'll make food for them... and help them yeah. Everyone deserves a meal and I think that's important. A nice gesture goes a long way and I think that's a big part of why we are doing what we are doing.

Our best selling items range during the time of day. We sell a lot of breakfast stuff. We have a french toast that is out of this world. As far as the best-selling beer goes, I couldn't give you just a name to a beer and say that it sells the best. I can do a style because the way that I do my tap list is that it's constantly rotating. So even if something flies off of our tap list, I'm not going to put it right back on immediately. I'll wait a little while and then put it back on but I would say that the IPAS definitely sell the best. The loggers also sell extremely well.

I love the spaghetti and shrimp (Johnny). I love the curry fried chicken (Louis). If I have to pick one, it would be the bread pudding. It is amazing and it's really simple (Sergio). I'm also very much a breakfast foodie. I love breakfast and my two favorites are the tri-tip and hash and the breakfast burrito (Dale).

We can highlight the fact that we are now going on five years. That's what we're celebrating today. It’s kind of a big date for us. I'd like to highlight that we're just a neighborhood restaurant that serves fresh food and great beers. We enjoy what we do and we enjoy that we have a diverse community.”



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