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Meet Joanne, Owner of Woof's Bar!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“Since we rely heavily on customers' recommendations to their friends and families, that's one of the challenges that I'm facing.

My name is Joanne and we are right now this is Woofs Bar. It's a tea bar.

I’m very confident about our store because most bubble tea stores you go to actually use powder, but for us we don’t use powders. We use real fruits so you can taste the difference. My favorite product here is the butterfly fruit tea. It’s really pretty. We made basically layers of different colors. I would say it’s a girl's favorite drink, but guys love it too. One of the best selling products here is called the mojito. That's one of my top sellers so basically it's like a non-alcohol version of a mojito. We use a peach broom to make a pineapple and also passion fruit and then blend it with the main element together. It's really refreshing. It's one of the top sellers here.

Being a small business owner, I would say that marketing is one of the biggest issues here. Because of the pandemic, everything went wrong. Being a small business owner, we don’t have too many resources in terms of finance and human resources. Everything is actually done by me and my partner because employees are physically stationed here to make drinks, to take care of the stores, but the rest are done by me and my other partners.

We rely on customers' recommendations to their friends and family, so that’s one of the challenges that I’m facing. With students combing back, young kids spread the news among themselves really quickly. They will bring their friends here and realize that this is a good spot to hang out especially upstairs. Our shop isn’t a typical tea shop. I also like our seating areas in the back and upstairs. Unless you’re walking, it’s hard to tell outside.

Right now, I’m looking very optimistic towards the future because students are coming back. We also offer student discounts. If you bring any student ID’s, you get a 15 percent discount.

This is Woofs Bar. We definitely serve the best boba in town right here next to Santa Clara University.”



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