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Meet Matt, Marketing Manager at Voyager Craft Coffee!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“When I applied it was the day after I had dyed my whole head of hair blue, and I said I'm not gonna get this job because my hair is blue. I told that to Sam and Lauren in the interview and Lauren looked at me and said, ‘You're getting the job because your hair is blue!’

My name is Matt; I go by ‘marketing’ Matt. Sam, who is one of the owners here, always jokes about the fact that my first name is ‘marketing’ and my last name is Matt. I do everything from social media to photography to emails to the website – everything pretty much on the marketing front.

Sam and Lauren started Voyager Craft Coffee off of their love of travel – the tagline for voyager is ‘coffee inspired by travel’. They really love to showcase that because when they travel, they love to go to different coffee shops, experience different communities, talk to different people, and wherever they go they find that their travels are inspired by the locals and they really experience travel through coffee.

They started the company out of the trailer, which was used for marketing events, for farmers markets, and for different catering purposes. They went from the trailer to now three storefronts.

We have here what are known as our destination drinks which are our specialty lattes and each one has a different ingredient that is incorporated into the same title of that city. The best-selling product, if I've overheard correctly, is the Tokyo. It has cherry blossom in it and that seems to be a new flavor people haven't really tried in coffee before. The Lexington has reduced bourbon in it, which is always a topic of conversation. The Valencia has orange in it, so orange and coffee surprisingly meshes really well.

We have a lot of different partnerships in the store. We have a collaboration with one of our baristas as far as clothing collaboration and it is called voyager and shapes. It has different clothing pieces at each location and that's a very unique thing. We also love to highlight local artists, so we sometimes have photographers, painters, writers, and just a bunch of different people that are local creatives that we like to showcase in our stores.

We also love to share where our locals, our customers, and our regulars travel on our Instagram, and highlight their travels. The whole point is traveling, getting to know the world, getting to know different coffee in different areas, and meeting people.”



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