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Meet Samson, Tony, Michelle, and Steven - Owners of Truedan!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

“Just watching it grow, you know, like as a small business owner, it is pretty rewarding. Even though it may be scary, I think it's a worthwhile investment.

My name is Samson! My name is Tony! My name is Michelle! My name is Steven!

Truedan was actually founded originally on the street as a streetcar and the original owner went to the night market in Taipei. He literally worked at the night market for multiple days. He would just sell the brown sugar boba milk and from there he gained a lot of popularity. After like a year, he saved up enough to open his own store and it slowly expanded his menu from there. I would say the brown sugar boba is our signature item.

My favorite drink is the mango coconut. It's a layer of agar with a blended mix of mango and coconut milk. Mine is pretty lowkey. It's like a buckwheat black tea latte with black tea with butter meat and with 30% ice and no sugar.

I'm gonna be very exact. I like jasmine tea latte with tofu pudding, boba, no sugar, and oat milk.

I think mine is taro milk with oat milk.

Our taro is great. I’m a big taro fan and I can't find better taro than ours. It's very fresh since we order fresh taro, cut it up, mash it and cook it. It's like Michelle said, like we don't take shortcuts on the powder but then the downside is there's so much effort and labor that goes into it.

I think starting a small business is always hard so when we first signed the lease and bought the equipment, it created a lot of uncertainty about the business. You never know how the business will go. We have two stores where we have to maintain a high standard. It makes me appreciate small business owners and the local shops. They all put so much hard work to get the final product that serves the customers.

I don't think a lot of people know this but we use very good quality ingredients like organic milk, organic mango, and coconut milk. All of these ingredients are premium quality. We don't use any syrup, powder or creamer. Our customers can feel safe drinking our drinks every day.

When we hired our team, it was amazing to see how everyone worked together and the synergy they created as a team. I think Tony teared up seeing the whole operation finally happening. We have the best team!

At the very beginning when Tony approached me to manage one shop, it was a whole new experience for me. We were able to be pretty successful and now we have our second store. Just watching it grow as a small business owner, it is pretty rewarding even though it may be scary. I think it's a worthwhile investment. I would encourage everyone to chase the dream and to not think too much about it. I think you will eventually figure things out. I can tell my kids about the failures that I encountered so they can learn along the way. We learn a lot from each other and grow together. All four of us have a different expertise and we are able to come together.

Come visit us at Truedon, Cupertino. We serve the best boba!”



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